I know, it’s not cool to admit you love Twitter. But I do. And I’ll tell you why.

About a year ago, a co-worker and the former-but-no-longer (because how dare I take time off to recover from KNEE SURGERY- I’m such a needy bitch) bookstore job asked why on earth I had a Facebook AND a Twitter. Didn’t I just say the same things on both?

Well, no. I use them for very different purposes. Facebook is how I keep in touch with people who already know my name. Twitter I’ve been using (primarily) for law school commiseration with law students across the country. (I don’t use my real name in most of my internet interactions- I’m the only one, and easy to track down.)

I also use it for celebrity stalking. Once in a great while I’ll get a tweet back from someone I follow and make random replies to, but it’s rare. Now that I’ve been doing reviews on Smart Bitches, well, that’s gone up a tiny amount. But I still have not gotten a reply back from Russel Crowe or Nathan Fillion.

Oh well.

Anyway, back to the law school commiseration thing. Early in my 1L year, I was whining about something inconsequential (as 1Ls are wont to do), and I got followed by LegalGeekery. Which lead me to laura Bergus, and on and on until I was following a small bunch of law students, including Huma_Rashid (who is fucking awesome) and her law skool BFF, BobBlahBlawg (who is awesome in his own, somewhat creepy way). And through them I fell in with Lawschoolninja, and Jose3tx, and NevilleM. Then there’s the pack of ginger law students (at last count, I think there’s five of us?). And then my circle expanded to include actual grown up attorneys, like Schantzlaw and Mirriam71.

And a number of us have blogs, which is great. I really like reading Mirriam and Marcus’ blogs because they are both doing what I want to do when I grow up (if I survive this exam season) (which is looking doubtful), which is criminal defense work. And they are both funny, thoughtful people who will, upon occasion, pat us law kids on the head and tell us we will survive.

But the real fun of twitter is when we’re all trying to study, but want to procrastinate. Last night, @obxlaw, the self proclaimed grumpy old man lawyer who wants the kids off his lawn and tell us that we’re young whippersnappers or something, tweeted about bidding on Carribean vacations, and someone should help him. I said he shouldn’t do that unless he was going to take all the law kids with him, and made sure the law kids that follow him were in on the message. Things kind of exploded after that (Mik called top bunk, Huma said we should all get puppies, Obxlaw tried to say he didn’t know ANY of us), but it was a great procrastination tool for a couple of hours.

The funniest thing that has EVER happened is I was in Evidence one day. Our SBA had organized a food drive, where if we brought in a can and had it sitting in front of us during class, we had immunity from getting cold called. Our Evidence prof, who is, in fact, awesome, knew that he still needed there to be a way to get us involved, and if scaring the crap out of us with cold calling wasn’t on the table, bribery totally was. So he said that for every person who volunteered an answer and also had a can, he would donate a dollar to the food shelf. He walked in that morning and pulled $100 out of his wallet and said “Okay. Ninety seven people in the class. Lets do this.”

So it did encourage people to at least try for answers that might not have done so otherwise, and at one point, one guy said, after flubbing his way through a question, “I feel like I’m on Fox News, getting money for saying stupid stuff.”

I thought that was pretty funny. So I tweeted it. Huma, in Chicago, also thought that was pretty funny, and retweeted it. Shannon, who I did not know at that time, said “HEY. That just happened in MY class.” So now we are all friends and will, upon occasion, tweet at each other from across the room (although I am not sure where she sits), or the lawbrary.

So that is why I love the twitter.