It’s my birthday, and I am 32 (that hurt to type a little. Ooof). What have I done today?

We talked about the Confrontation Clause in Evidence

I went to physical therapy.

I went to Wills, Estates, and Trusts.

And I am, as I type, avoiding my Administrative Law homework. I’m avoiding it because Admin Law is MY MOST HATED CLASS EVER and doing the reading ON YOUR BIRTHDAY surely violates the Eighth Amendment, right?



Anyway, in better news, my left thigh is looking a lot less withered these days.

(And no, I did not drop trou to get these pictures – I am wearing gauchos with the legs pulled up.)

This is about a week and a half post surgery:

Withered thigh muscles. Sigh.

And this is this after PT this afternoon, 9 weeks, 2 days post surgery. (The red blotch is because we had just finished icing everything down and I have delicate, sensitive skin.) (I AM SO TOO A DELICATE FLOWER)


See the difference? Less indented. Progress!

Anyway, I really need to get this Admin Law crap done, and I don’t want to. Or I could talk about the mock trial try outs.

Lets do that.

So the thing with the mock trial try out is that most of us are 2Ls, and we are in the middle of evidence. So we really don’t know evidence yet, or how to apply it that there was stuff getting admitted left and right that shouldn’t have (or objections that were totally missed- I had two question on my cross I was ready to withdraw, and no one called me on them).

Anyway, as best as we could, we did our job, and still didn’t get called back. Which is incredibly disappointing. (yeah, yeah, the work is its own reward, blah blah fucking blah, whatever. It’s disappointing!) So that’s that until the client counseling competition next semester.

(And I just resisted the urge to throw my Admin law book across the lawbrary. For all my bitching on Twitter about hating on idiots who talk in the lawbrary, I think that throwing a book across the room would be pretty bad too. But not worse.)