When last we checked in, my surgeon had cleared me to “go back to the gym” and I eyed him narrowly and said “…back?

I hate the gym. It’s so BORING. And expensive. And boring. And gyms are judge-y.

He asked what I wanted to do, and the answer is I want to get into training for my black belt test again, but that’s a no go since that requires the ability to pivot, which I cannot do until February.

So I am/was tearing my hair out with stircrazy frustration. However, the internet hive mind succeeded in finding a solution.

It’s a gym, and it’s boring, however, it’s dirt cheap ($10 a month, no commitment), and it’s on my way home from school, and it’s anonymous enough that I can hide in the corner, do my thing on the bike, and leave. Eventually I will work my way up to an elliptical (which I’ve never used and am a little intimidated by), but there is something nice about sitting on a bike for 25 minutes and listening to podcasts that have fuck-all to do with school (unless Legal Geekery has a new one, and even then that’s less about law school and more about crazy legal culture).

So now that THAT is all settled, I’m looking for a job to replace my stupid bookstore job (still really angry about that) and prepping for mock trial (did a practice run through of everything with my partner- my cross-ex is gonna be awesome) and getting through the rest of the semester (I hate Admin Law SO SO SO MUCH).

But I will be in DC on October 30th for The Rally to Restore Sanity, so that is something to look forward to.