I want to write about how 2L year is different and better and worse than 1L year.

I want to write about how I did most of my PT today in one continuous stretch and how I found a gym that’s cheap enough and anonymous enough that I can work off some of my stir crazy, even as my surgeon says “I’m clearing you for the gym, but if it sounds fun, you probably shouldn’t do it.”

I want to write about how much fun I’m having with mock trial prep.

I want to write about how much the shitstorm over Christine O’Donnell is making me feel deeply conflicted, because she’s clearly nuts and not someone I want to have in an elected position, but how the shitstorm never would have happened if she were a man, and how, in one of her appearances on Bill Maher (I think it was Bill Maher) in the 90s ended with the men in the roundtable calling out her appearance without addressing anything she had to say, and that’s bullshit.

I want to write baout any of these, but instead I want to say that Raymond Chase, Seth Walsh, Asher Brown, Billy Lucas, and Tyler Clementi were all probably avoidable tragedies. And people need to think before they act.

I know that’s a big order when it comes to teenagers- the thinking part. Which is why schools need to do more about bullying and harassment. I was harassed in high school. It was hell. And what I went through is nothing like what happened to these kids. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

I have to give a shout out to the It Gets Better Project, where adult GLBTQ people have been making videos about how much better their lives got after high school and what they would have missed out on. Go, Dan Savage. It’s hard when you don’t have the forebrain to see there is a future, and the now is the WORST THING EVER and you can’t imagine anything else. Certainly not when you don’t have a support system, or even when your parents won;t hate you for who you are, but it seems like everyone else in the world does.

It gets better. It won’t be perfect. But it will be better.

I found out while writing this post about a sixth kid in the past month to kill himself- Caleb Nolt.