This could be an epically long post, but I’m going to keep to a few bullet points:

People who get called on in class, and say “Well, I was gonna say that…” or “I was going to ask…” or “I have a question….” DROP THAT SHIT FROM YOUR VOCABULARY RIGHT NOW.

That was mean.

I know that’s it’s very similar to vocalized hesitation- letting your brain catch up with your mouth. But seriously, when three out of four people who get called on say something to that effect, it is really annoying. Just stop saying that you’re going to say something, and say it. What I do is take a half second to really gather my thoughts before I let the randomized crap fall out, which means sometimes I get people looking at me like I’m stupid. But if I didn’t, can you imagine the trainwrecks that I would end up saying? I can. It would be awful.

I am also extremely aggravated by people who get on the bus, and even though there’s a bunch of seats, or at least room in aisle to stand, they stand up next to the driver and block the space, so anyone getting on or off has to push past them. It’s even worse when there’s two people and they both don’t move with their thumbs up their butts or something. It’s rude, and it pisses everyone off. I don’t know why the drivers don’t all make them move, but they don’t.

Don’t be That Guy, people. The MBTA is bad enough, don’t make it even more miserable.

I’m also really annoyed that I have a very limited number of fall-worthy pants I can wearing with my knee brace at the moment. Skirts are out of the question, because the Chub Rub from the brace would be bloody painful. I mean that in the most literal sense. Also a month of PT has not made my leg look that much more human- it’s still all withered.

(However, to end this post on a good note, PT is going really well, if not fast enough for me. I’m completely off my crutches and only using ibuprofin as pain management. This does not make Admin law any easier to take.)