So….yeah. There hasn’t been much going on here, and I see a few people checking in every day. PT continues. I no longer am using crutches, so that’s good, but walking too much, or standing too much, or sitting too much (putting pressure on my abused hamstrings) without putting my leg up is still all painful. And laying down all the time is BORING and not conducive to actually…. getting shit done.

I do have new PT torture-exercises, so there’s that.

School is crazy- the work you to death thing is true. Administrative law is like waiting for Godot, only you KNOW there’s no Godot, and no one even PRETENDING to be Godot is ever going to come…. but you’re stuck there, waiting, acting like there is a Godot, and you have to be ready for him to show up, because the ABA says you have to.


Mock Trial try outs start up this weekend with an advocacy workshop. I don’t really have TIME for an advocacy workshop this weekend, but I really want to do mock trial, which will keep me off the streets and busy until I go back to tae kwon do. So we do what we must.