For my classes in London, we were given books. Well, technically, we bought the books, but there were books. To slightly misquote Elle Woods (Musical version), “Big sturdy books, big wordy books, books with words I’ll understand.”

And, when classes were over, we were told to give the books back to the professors and they would ship the whole lots of them back and make sure we got them so we could do our papers.

This plan was a good plan. And like the Cylon plan, it did not survive contact with the enemy. First, they were sent over by boat. So they weren’t going to get to the States until August 9th, and the original due date for the papers was August 13th. So the moved the due date September 13th.


Then we got an email saying “So…. the shipment is being held by customs. We don’t know why. So do the best you can and indicate which books you have, if any, and you will be graded accordingly.”