No, really, it does. Like a lot.

If you go over to my flickr (link over on the right) there’s a picture of my thighs, and the difference in muscle definition is kind of incredibly- the left one is indented. I don’t know how much of that is a direct result of the surgery and how much is a result of gimping around for two and a half months.

Anyway, it’s pathetic. And rehab from ACL repair is time consuming. At this point PT consists of leg lifts, heel slides, heel slides and then pulling the knee to my chest, stretching….it’s exhausting, dude.

And just to prove the data point that physical therapists as sadists (and they are), he showed me the heel slide hen life the leg thing, and had me do ten, and then said “Good. Now do 30 more.”


Muscle fatigue for the this-had-better-damn-well-work. (I know it will, I’m just grumping)

So the first couple weeks are really dull, but things are going apace. I’m down to one crutch and using it only when leaving the house for several hours, and not using the brace when I’m home at all. So there’s that. Most of the scars are going to be hardly noticable, except the two inch one across the top of my shin.

(also, my physical therapist is really really hot, I’m just saying)