My prof for the second week session said that everyone should bring the books we got for the summer school, and he will make arrangements to ship them back for us.

This is great, because he gave us a lot of heavy books for the criminal law session.

I asked him if he would ship back the other books I’d bought, too. He laughed and said “well, how many are there?”

I said, “….about 20…”

He said “WHAT”

I said “yeah….”

He said “What the heck kinda books are these? Are they law books?”

I said “…some of them…”

(Truth. I did grab a couple books on the law in Ancient Rome. When I take Law of Ancient Greece and Rome it is entirely possible that I’ll already own some of the required books. :P)

He stammered and blustered and then I felt so bad for making him feel so flustered that I laughed and said I really didn’t expect him to. After I went to the British Museum and came back with an armload of books and I still had four weeks to go, I came to the conclusion that I’d just have to ship a bunch back. Either way, I fully expect that US Customs is going to be confused by my buying habits.