So I’ve got seven more days in London, and it feels like it’s wrapping up.

I have to make a huge plug for London Walks, a company that runs ALL SORTS of walking tours all over London and beyond. They ran the tour of Legal London we went on the first week we were here, and I’ve been on a total of six walks.

My roommate would like me to point out here that doing a bunch of walking tours on a bum knee was possibly not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. That is true, however, if I just sat on my ass and moped about because of a bum knee, that would not have been a good use of this trip. So we muddle through.

One of the things that I collect (and I collect a lot of stuff) is books of locally published ghost stories of places I’ve been, or places I where people I know have been. I also like going on ghost sotry walking tours. London Walks has FOUR different ones- and I’ve done three of ’em. (The fourth I probably won’t be going on, because it’s offered Tuesday and Saturday nights, and this Saturday I’m going to Hampton Court, and Tuesday I’m going to see a play- more on that in a bit).

Admittedly, going on ghost tours right around the summer solstice is not as spooky as it could be. But it was still good fun.

So, for my last full weekend in London, I have rather a lot planned. Tomorrow (Friday) I’m going to the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum- they don’t cater to my particular nerdosities, so the time spent in either won’t be too crazy- and probably stop in Harrods to do a bit of looting in the food halls. Tomorrow evening, I am going to see Love Never Dies, which is a sequel to The Phantom of the Opera. One of the ghost stories we heard tonight involves that particular theater.

Saturday, I am going to Hampton Court, hopfully with a girl from school, but we’ll see.

Sunday, I am going to Bath.

Monday night, I am going to see Legally Blonde. Since it is the fault of that movie that I went to grad school in the first place, which lead directly into my going to law school, it seems only reasonable.

Tuesday night, I scored a ticket to go see War Horse, which is a play about a horse that goes to France in WWI with the army. The horses are played by lifesized puppets, which look AMAZING.

I’ve seen places that were used as locations in the Harry potter movies, I’ve seen Parliament, and the tombs of kings and queens. Hell, I saw the Queen. I’ve seen art that I’ve only ever seen in books, I mucked around in the Thames and got a 16th century roofing tile.

It’s been a good trip.