Today, June the 12th, is the Queen’s observed birthday. And I woke up ASS EARLY (as in, earlier than I have to for class) to go to the Trooping of the Colors Parade from Buckingham Palace to the Parade Ground where they do they actual Trooping of the Colors (and she inspects everybody and presumably there was a military flyover when it was all over and everyone came back to Buckingham Palace, so sayeth Wikipedia).

So I got up ASS EARLY to get to Buckingham Palace to get a good spot, and I kind of did, until the Metropolitan Police put a bunch of their people right in FRONT, and it was like dude, I had a great shot, now it’s just a GOOD one but I’m not moving because there are a LOT of people behind me now.

Also at some point a man came by selling flags “So you can wave them at the Queen on her birfday.” You could get a Union Jack, or a St. George so you’d also be able to wave it during the US-England World Cup game tonight.

So. lets see how we can insert images, yeah?


So that’s the Royal Standard being flown over Buckingham Palace (indicating the Queen is in residence). The Victoria Memorial is in the foreground.


Beefeaters now carry machine guns. TEMPORAL DISSONANCE WHUT.


Prince William (some woman behind me screamed out “WE LOVE YOU WILLIAM!” and he waved, but I missed that shot). I think the woman is Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.


I have no idea who these two women are, and I can’t decide if the hats are awesome or ridiculous. possibly both.


Sadly, this band didn’t start playing until after they passed us. Can you imagine how well trained those horses are?


They had RANKS AND RANKS of matching dark horses. Surely they wouldn’t notice if I borrowed one, yeah?

Just for a little while?


Yup. That’s HRM Elizabeth II.