Tomorrow is The Queen’s Birthday (Observed). We are going to try and see the parade if possible.

Tomorrow is also the US-England World Cup game. My roommate tells me to be careful, I say I can cheer “For Harry, England and St. George!” with the best of them, I’ll be okay. 😛

Today, after we tried to sort out the Totten Doctrine (you don’t care, really you don’t) (well, maybe you care. If you were working as a spy for the CIA and they decided not to pay you, then you might care, because the Totten Doctrine keeps you from being able to sue them), I went to the Museum of London for an hour. SO COOL.

Their display on the 1348 Plague is frighteningly effective.

Then I wandered around St. Paul Cathedral a bit, then I went on a walking tour of Haunted London. 😀 SO MUCH FUN. How many churches can you see in 2 hours that were medieval churches, then were destoryed during the Great Fire of 1666, then were rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren? (about 8, I think). How many of those got blown up in the Blitz? (2? 3? I think 3).

Ad the Wall? The Wall that the Romans built around Londinium? Yeah, I saw that.