Started “Comparative Counter Terrorism” today.


One prof is a former attorney for the CIA, another was a JAG officer, and the third is, well, British. We defined terrorism (not well, or even, really at all, but threw out definitions that sort of work) and talked about the structure of the US and British intelligence communities.

Did not do any sightseeing- went back to the dorm and had a nap, then I am working on my briefing paper that’s due tomorrow.

This is going to be a fairly low-key three credits- Rasdan (former CIA prof) was walking around while we were in group discussions, and asked if anyone had started the book that was required reading before the class started and we all said “…..we finished it?” and he was like “Whut” and we said “It was required?” and he said “it’s like, ‘summer’ ‘required’ reading.” and we were like “WHUT”

Seriously. This their vacation, too. AWESOME.