So apparently, there’s some sort of large, sports type event happening in the near future. The streets of London are draped with “GO ENGLAND!” banners and stickers and “SHOP HERE AND SUPPORT TEAM ENGLAND” and the taxis are just rah-rah “For England, Harry and St. George” all over the place.

I just heard “I’m going to Cambridge on Sunday” and had to remind myself that that is NOT Cambridge, Mass, home of Harvard and the center of the generic East Coast hipster habitat, Harvard Square, and that it was a LITTLE BIT more of a big deal than just hopping on the red line. 😛

I’m very cranky at Nido, because they have this “pre-arrival shopping list” that you send in before you get there, and it’s like, making sure your bedding is there, and your kitchen pack, and your towels. I sent mine in over a week before I arrived, and my bedding was there, and part of my kitchen pack, but no towels, no TV, and no laundry bag. I went down on Saturday to make someone fix it, and the guy was like “There’s no one here who can fix that during the weekend, come back on Monday.” And I was like “….” but whatever. So this morning (Monday morning) I went down, and spoke to someone, and gave the list of everything I was missing, and she said someone will take care of it, and off I went to Westminster Abbey. And I got back 7 hours later, and nothing was fixed at ALL. So I went back down and complained to yet another person and the same guy I talked to on Saturday, who again said “You have to come back between the hours of 9 and 5” and I said “I DID” and I gave him The Cranky Face. Because the one thing that pisses me off more than anything else is when people treat me like I’m stupid.

I have no idea if this is fixed at this point or not, I’ve been doing my homework in the lobby, where THEORETICALLY they could tell me everything was now okay (I told them I’d be here), but that’s a big theoretical.