(Mom, relax, I didn’t hurt anything new, or even hurt anything old any more than it’s already hurt. So just chill.)

We’re at the stage of healing where if I have the brace and have the crutches, my knee actually doesn’t feel too bad most of the time. However, and I know from bitter experience, if I try to remove either one of those thing too soon, it’ll be bad. However, it’s really hard to tell where “too soon” ends and “about time” begins. I know it’s not NOW.

Anyway, today I slept in like WHOA- about 11 hours of sleep. Then I made breakfast (I’m totally sold on the electric kettle thing- totally. Sold. Best thing ever) and eventually got my shit together enough to go to the British Museum. I got an Oyster Card (the transit pass for the tube) and found all the elevators (three of them) that would take me to the Piccadilly line.

Two things: First, I would have been TOTALLY SCREWED if I tried to take the Tube to St. Pancras with my luggage and the crutches. It would have SUCKED ASS. Second, MOST COMFORTABLE SEATS EVER.

The British Museum is huge. It’s not like the Louvre, it’s smaller (but still huge) and is more focused on “Stuff” rather than “Art.”

So there’s greek statuary that is incredible, there’s a room of “Daily life in Greece and Rome” where there is a case full of stuff dedicated to a specific thing- CHildren, or clothing, or medicine (Small terra cotta models of body parts that you would leave at the temple with a sacrific to make that part feel better- including a ear, a boob, a uterus and GUTS. SO COOL.)

(I warned you all I was a nerd.)

There’s rather a lot of remains at the British Museum, too. Several mummies, a dried out body from before the Egyptians started burying people in coffins, a skeleton from after they did (The contact with the desert sand dried out the body so it was rather well preserved- for a many thousand year old dead guy. Once they started using coffins, all that remained of a body put inside a woven reed coffin was the bones). There’s a bunch of others, too. It’s…. odd. I feel kind of bad for them, because this is not how they intended to spend their afterlife.

And while the collections of the British Museum are amazing, there’s a sense of Empire there- not much of the collections are British in origin- they were snagged from expeditions, or during the Empire, and it’s odd to be thrilled that I get to see some of this stuff without having to go to those places, but still feeling a little guilty about it.

Also, I’m really clumsy and I break things a lot. Mom and Dad used to take me in antique stores are the time and explained that “This is a look-no-touch store!” and I would walk around with my hands behind my back. I like to touch things. I was going to go through the gift store and went “…..oh, no, no, no.” Because it was tightly packed and I also did just spend a bunch of money in the bookstore. 😛