No good stories today, or any pictures. We went from Paris to London today, and the Eurostar takes way longer when you don’t sleep through half the trip.

So we’re moved into the dorms (Nido Student Housing) and I’m cranky because I don’t have my towels that I ordered to be waiting for me (or my laptop safe, or my TV OR MY LAUNDRY BAG) and they can’t do anything about it till Monday.

(I will admit, that I’m cranky about more than that- this knee thing is kinda bumming me out. I can’t do the things I want at the speed I want and if I try, I pay for it. I’m trying really hard to be all zen, que-sera-sera and shit about it, but not very well all the time.)

Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to do something fun- Possibly the British museum or something like it.

Oh! Jet lag. Don’t really have any. I had a red eye flight, and I never really slept on the plane. There was dozing, but mostly I was watching movies and trying to find a comfortable position and failing. I used the old trick of “You can substitute food for sleep up to a point” to get myself to Paris, slept for an hour on the train, and had a nap at the hotel while waiting for the classmates I was meeting up with. Then we had dinner, and I fell DEAD asleep, and was that way until morning. And that was my adjustment to the time change.


(I’m not sure this would have worked if it were a smaller time change- 6-7 hours is enough to throw you so completely off you can either try and compensate before or after or just power through it. 3 hours? That’s not that big or that small. 1 hour time change for day light saving time puts me off for a week.)