Okay, so today, being my only full day in Paris, was really full.

(Oh, first, sorry Mom, but I swear a lot. Like a lot a lot.)

First, we went to the catacombs. The people running the tours were like “….” when I showed up, but I smiled brightly and promised not to get stuck and whine that I couldn’t climb up the stairs. First, you go down stairs. A lot of them. Then you go through tunnels. A lot of THEM. Then Tony jumps out at Lexie who is front of you and scares her. Then you threaten to beat Tony with your crutch is he EVER DOES THAT AGAIN. Then you see some miniature carvings of the streets above. Then you go through some more tunnels that are vaulted. Then you see a carving above a passage that says “Arrete! C’est ici L’Empire de la Mort.”

And then you walk into a tunnel that is STACKED with bones. I mean. Okay, the femurs (and possibly the fibia, possibly humerus and radial bones, but mostly femurs) stacked… I was going to say like fire wood but that’s not right. These were stacked very meticulously. With the skulls making designs in the walls. That are made of long bones. IT’S KINDA WEIRD OKAY. And you go through, and go “This is a little creepy.” And the you go “My GOD there are a lot of people down here.” And just when you’re thinking “Dude, these guys had a LOT of time on your hands” the ceiling drips on you and you squeak and scuttle away. And then you GO BACK UP stairs. Lots of them. And then stagger to the shop cunningly placed across he street for something to drink.

SO it was kind of amazing. Apparently there are the remains of SIX MILLION people down there. Le Cimetière des Innocents held apparently 30 generations of people when they closed it and moved everyone to the catacombs.

Really puts that one chapter of World War Z about cleaning out the zombies from the catacombs and sewers into prespective.

Anyway, so now you know the baddass who did the catacombs on fucking crutches. (See, mom? I told you.)

There is a set of photos on flickr – the ones taken in the ossuaries are processed to hell and back- you’re not allowed to use a flash around the dead people. Which is perfectly reasonable.

So then I went to Notre Dame while everyone else went bag shopping. I had two things on my list that I absolutely wanted to do in Paris- Notre Dame and the Louvre. Notre Dame was lovely and I got some good pictures- trying to hold the camera still was harder than usual. OH! But first I saw a protest outside Le Palais de Justice. I have no idea what they wanted to have happen, and knowing what I do about French protests, it’s possible they didn’t either. I also went to a cafe by myself and had a lovely sandwich and cafe au lait.

So, Notre Dame. It’s Notre Dame. It’s huge. There are tiny little chapels and confessionals tucked all along the out wall. I think thye were getting ready to do a mass as I was going through, because twice there was a massive “SHHHHHHHHHH” on the PA system. The first time, me and a few other people looked guilty and muttered that it did kind of feel like we were being shushed by God.


Anyway, so yeah. Notre Dame. Whew. Tony and Katie are going to run back there in the morning and do the climb up the stairs to one of the towers and across and then down the other. Ive done my spiral stairs for the month, and it was probably not the best idea ever.

After that I walked (hobbled, really) to the Louvre, and it was lovely and overwhelming. And there was also the Mona Lisa. Lots of pictures and lots of pictures of the museum itself. Wow. I’m sorry I missed the trip out to Versailles.