So the trip to London is not quite started, but it’ll be a grand adventure. In the Chinese “may you live in interesting times” Curse kind of way.

Last night at my last tae kwon do class until I get back, I was working on my form, which includes a 360 jumping spin. I was trying to work on just getting height- not even the spin part, and my knee crashed out from under me. One of the black belts who was there is an ER doctor, and she did a quick assessment- she doesn’t think there are any fractures or any major tears. But it’s painful. So I’m icing, and ibuprofining, and I’m taking my crutches with me to Europe. Because I leave for the airport in five hours.


I spent my trip getting home from the do jang last night making plans for getting to Logan, and getting from Heathrow to St. Pancras, and then on to the train to Paris. I am hopeful that my compatriots who are meeting me in Paris get the message that I need them to meet me at the train station, because I don’t expect to have the brainpower to try and find the hotel when I’m jetlagged all to hell.

So it’s a Grand Adventure. It’ll be fine. It won’t be the trip I planned on (no climbing to the top of Notre Dame, for one thing), but it’ll be fine.