My BFF blew into town last week, and we did a whirlwind tour of the touristy shit in Boston and my feet are JUST NOW recovering. I consider it a warm up for London.


LONDON! I leave in exactly a week. I’m doing the Mitchell in London study abroad through William Mitchell School of Law, and I will spend two weeks on comparative counterterrorism and two weeks on comparative criminal law.

Does that not sound sexy as hell? I think it’s sexy as hell.

(I may be a bit of a nerd)

Anyway, I leave on June 2nd, while spend an incredibly jetlagged 48 hours in Paris (four of my classmates are in Amsterdam AS WE SPEAK (er, TYPE) (well, I TYPE) (what the fuck ever, THEY ARE THERE RIGHT NOW) and I’m meeting them next week in Paris), and then four weeks in London.


I’ve never been anywhere that requires a passport. I mean, I’ve been to Canada a couple times, but it did not require a passport when I went. I have a BRAND FUCKIN’ NEW PASSPORT. LOOK OUT WORLD.

So watch this space- most of my updates will be here, with pictures.