We had our criminal law final yesterday.

It was brutal.

Well, parts of it were brutal. We had 30 multiple choices questions (MCQs) and FOUR essays. Three tradiaitonal analysis essays, and one on policy. We all figured that the policy essay would be on punishment, or the death penalty, or something like that.

No, she threw us a curve ball (possibly because we spent all semester mocking her favorite baseball team. LOOK IF THEY DIDN’T WANT TO BE MOCKED MAYBE THEY SHOULDN’T BE WEARING THOSE PINSTRIPES. THAT IS ALL I AM SAYING). She gave us an essay on the differences between the common law and MPC approaches to strict liability.



And we all staggered out into the sun and staggered over to Sweetwater (the school’s mascot bar), and I delegated my drinking out to someone who would appreciate it, and today (Saturday) we are all in the library, frantically trying to learn all the Constitutional Law.

(mostly we are sniping at each other on Facebook. How did law school happen without the internets?)

(probably more got done)

So yeah. I’m exhausted and have a screed on study groups that all cancel because of generalized woe, but see the exhausted part.

I am taking time to go see Iron man 2 in about an hour, though. So there’s that.