For those of you who don’t know, Boston and surrounding environs have been under a boil-water order since Saturday. A pipe (if you can use the word “pipe” for something ten feet in diameter) burst just west of Weston (really) and everyone east of Weston to the Atlantic got their water from that pipe. Well, everyone except Cambridge, who have their own special reservoir. (So lots of people who live near Cambridge have been sneaking across the line to swipe their water.) And the emergency reservoirs aren’t necessarily that safe, or whatever, so we have to boil anything we drink or do dishes with or wash our hands with.

Yeah, it’s awesome.

But that’s not the worst part.

Oh no. Not at all.

Across from my law school is a Dunkin Donuts AND a Starbucks. Previously, this was thought to be AWESOME. Now it’s just mean. Because they can’t make coffee without safe water. No safe water, no coffee, DURING FINALS.

Allow me to repeat. DURING FINALS.

The shakes and cranky have been epic, ya’ll. I can’t even tell you. When i went in to school to study on Sunday, I Deliberately went the long way ’round through Cambridge so I could go to the Dunkin Donuts at Porter Square.

WHICH WAS MOBBED. Line out the door. People driving in from all over. I was impressed with the counter staff- they handled it pretty well. (I’m told I should think it’s sad that so much of society is addicted to caffeine. I say GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY WHO ARE YOU TO STAND BETWEEN ME AND MY COFFEE?) (I am my mother’s daughter.)

This morning I had a review for Civil Procedure, and didn’t have time to detour into Porter Square. I figured that odds were about even that the coffee kiosk at Sullivan Square would be operating. Sullivan Square is in a weird nexus between Charlestown, Somerville and Cambridge. When I got off the bus, I was greeted by a sign that said “WE MAKE OUR COFFEE WITH SPRING WATER.”

(cue angel chorus)

Of course, the looks I got from people when I walked into the review session clearly thinking indicated how many people would be willing to try and roll me for my coffee. But my fearsome reputation proceeds me.

Now, I have been called Oracle (not as in “of Delphi” as in “Former Batgirl, knower of all knowledge”) because I always know what’s going on, and all sorts of other obscure knowledge. So when Universal Hub came out with the list of places that ahd coffee, I obligingly reposted it to Facebook (because I’m not mean. I’m apparently an evil witch who makes people look stupid in class, but that is a whole other ball of crazy). Which lead to people going “how do you know what’s going on ALL THE TIME?”

I do because not knowing drives me crazy.