Which means it is time for a completely unrelated post!

So I work part time at Borders and have for almost two and a half years now.  It’s actually the longest I’ve stayed at any job, ever.  It’s low key, I only work a handful of hours a week, it gets me out of the library, and I really like the crew that works there.  (I mean, the ones I see.  The ones I don’t, I don’t know them.  So I don’t know if I like them or not.)  As one of the most senior people there, I can bully people into getting closing done The Redheadedgirl Way, which is GET THIS SHIT DONE BECAUSE I WANT TO GO HOME, PEOPLE.

But that isn’t what this post is about.

A few days ago I was staggering home from a 14 hour weekend in the library, and ran into one of my coworkers (who I like very much- we shall call him Ginger Kid) on the T with his girlfriend (who was doing the posturing of possession all over him, because I am total threat, y’all).

Anyway, Ginger Kid introduces me and says “Red here is going to law school!”

GF: “Oh, I thought about going to law school, but I decided I wanted to keep my soul.”

Me:  “….”

GF: “Oh!  I mean just that I would have to work in a firm that isn’t, you know, evil.”

Me: “….” (At this point I can see where the conversation is going to end, so now it’s a goal of making her as uncomfortable as possible.  Because seriously, it is one thing when you are among friends.  WHO SAYS THAT TO SOMEONE YOU JUST MET.) “I’m going to go into criminal defense.”  ::smile::

GF: “…..wouldn’t you rather be a DA or a social worker or something?”

Me:  ::sunny smile::  “Nope, I’m gonna defend criminals!”

GF:  “…..but not the bad ones, right?  I mean, like, the nice ones?”

Me:  ::head tilt of “do you hear what is coming out of your mouth, honey?”::

GF:  “I mean, I guess some people are wrongfully accused, they should have an attorney….”

Me:  ::sunnier smile:: “Everyone gets an attorney.  It’s a rule.”

GF:  “I guess….”

Me:  ::Even more sunnier smile::  “Besides, someone has to keep the cops honest!”

GF: ::blanches a little bit, because in her world, the cops are always honest, or something.  I don’t know, I’m maybe projecting a little::

(During this entire discussion, Ginger Kid is (wisely) keeping his mouth shut.)

At that point we got to my stop and said that it was lovely to meet her, blah blah blah, and go catch my bus.

But really, the meme of “All lawyers work in Big Law and have no soul” is kind of old.  I mean, if all you know about the legal world is from reading The Firm then I can see where you get that idea.  But even the rest of Grisham’s books paint a more varied picture than THAT.

(Disclaimer:  Love Grisham, don’t love his early attempts at writing conversations.  He puts “Okay?” at the end of every other sentence and it’s annoying.  But he got better in later books.  Also he’s a better writer than Dan Brown.)

(That was a low blow.  He’s a MUCH better writer than Dan Brown.)

(oh, I highly recommend The Good Wife as a good lawyer TV show.  Lots of procedure, which made Civ Pro more fun, and Juliana Margulies being AWESOME.)