…but a “Goddammit there are now finals to get through.”

So we’ve just ended the final class of the first year of law school.  So what are we doing to celebrate?

Drinking with the rest of the section?  Gawd no.

Nope, me and my study group are trying to slog through the Dormant Commerce Clause.

(I have this hope and belief that the Supreme Court will, in the week and four days before our Con Law final, hand down a decision that says “Not only is the dormant commerce clause bullshit (because CJ Marshall MADE IT UP) so it never EXISTED.  We will never speak of it again.  IT NEVER HAPPENED.  No poor, abused little 1Ls will ever have to best tested on it again.  Because no one gives that much of a shit about milk.”  That is what I hope will happen before the exam.)

(A redheadedgirl can dream.)

Anyway, this study session is not going well. Right now we’re having the battle of the iTunes.

But hey!  We got through classes. That’s a big step.

Now I could either a) study for finals or b) follow my mother’s example during her finals and clean the apartment.

We’ll see.